My (official) name — Karpagavalli

I am officially called Karpagavalli and at home called Bhargavi… The scope of this post is limited to my official name. 🙂

Most of the times when people who are not from Tamilnadu hear my name, I am often asked what it means or hear comments like “what?!! Its sounds more like name of a  place / village like “Tiruchirapalli, Bommanahalli, Uttarahalli … ”  *don’t they know the difference between p, h and v???!!*

So thought to write a post on it clearing the doubts and to direct all those who ask me for the meaning to this! 🙂

There was a time when I used to feel very bad about my parents naming me so…  for it being very long , sounding village-like( “pattikaadu” types), unfashionable, for many not able to pronounce it since I was brought up in a Metropolitan city.. *ahem ahem*… many did and still do end up calling me by various short forms – ‘KK’ (the second K stands for my dad’s name – Krishnamurthy) being the most used since my college days, ‘KV’ by some, ‘Karpu’ by my school friends…  Also, I used to get angry if they did not get my name when I tell them, I know… I was so dumb! 😉

Nowadays, I feel very proud of my name because of many MANY reasons (I need to credit  YES!+ and The Art of Living in my life here)…

First being… many have told me that they say my name out  loud several times before going to bed to memorize it! 🙂 Next day they used to come to me and proudly say out my name to me and feel so great that they pronounced it right! Even my x-German managers(when I used to work with Bosch) actually got the pronunciation right and used to call me only by my full name!!!

Secondly… There’s hardly anyone who has my name! 😉 1 in a 1000 or say 10000!!! Was the only one in Bosch, now the 2nd in Art of Living.. but the one and only in YES!+ team !!! 😉

Okay, coming back to what it means and why I was named so…

It’s the name of Parvati devi in very few temples in Tamilnadu, the famous one being the Kapaleeshwarar Karpagambal temple, located at the place I was born – Mylapore, Chennai, Tamilnadu … The devi is called Karpagambal or Karpagavalli. The devi is said to be the goddess of the wish fullfilling tree “Karpagavruksha / Kalpavruksha” — which is the celestial tree that grants all the wishes of the devotees!!!

There are also many songs on the devi in Tamil… Famous ones being, “Karpagavalli nin porpadangal pidithen”, “Karunai deivame Karpagame” and so on…

The second reason to name me so was because, at least in South India, we have the custom to name the grandchildren with his/ her grandparent’s name. My maternal grandma’s name was Karpagam, hence… the story 🙂

Finally,  with all the knowledge I have got from the Art of Living  it’s now become “what’s in a name!?”!!! 🙂 So, you can call me whatever you want, if I know that you are referring to me, I’ll surely respond!  But remember, every time you call me by my full name you are calling the wish-fulfilling devi !!!



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20 responses to “My (official) name — Karpagavalli

  1. Hmm…and also, its a good exercise to everyone’s tongue, particularly if they aren’t Tams, Mallus 🙂


  2. hmmm. nice story!! your name sounds much simpler now. we also have the Kalpa-vruksha stories in Maharashtra.


  3. Adai Avial for me tomorrow with lots of butter on side – oh wish fulfilling devi!! 🙂

    Nicely written.


  4. Welcome.. To the world of blogging.. 🙂

    Jai Gurudev!


  5. Shyam

    Karpagavalli !!!

    How do u get ur wishes fulfilled


  6. I didnt know you felt bad about your name once upon a time. By the way what does bargavi mean


  7. Vijay Ramakrishna

    You can call yourself Karpagavalli or KK or Bhargavi or whatever … I still write ur name as “Buggs” … ha ha


  8. Dr.Krishnamurthy

    at least u understood the meaning 2 decades after ur birth. I am happy that u r happy with the name we kept. All will have good things in life when they call u 108 times daily and they will be blessed by Goddess Parvathi Devi. Hope ur friends will also name their child by this name in future.:-)
    all the best


  9. Hi Karpagavalli,

    Super kewl post – no wonder I said something about your name as first thing when we came to meet way back in 01.

    And, never knew the second reason and it is also the same reason for my name too 😀

    Welcome to the blog world :).


  10. Sudarsan

    Ok… I will call you by your full name now… Just to get many more wishes fulfilled. 😉


  11. Welcome to the world of blogging…


  12. Really well written. Loved it, esp. the sense of uniqueness and initial ahem ahem stuff. Nice subtle sense of humor.

    There is only 1 in 1000/10000 that has ur name and only 1 in 100000…. like you (Ppl assume ur reasons why she is special, lol)

    Nice theory to now make people call u by full name – Make a wish n call me 🙂


  13. very good post…could relate to almost all of it.


  14. Shubha Varier

    My today’s facebook status is dedicated to your blog…check it out.


  15. Kishore

    sounds good, quite nice to read tc 🙂


  16. Muthu

    your post reminded me of my mom coming to my school to change my name as i cried that the boys are teasing me in class with my name – Muthathal (means mother or pearls as well as Amman godess name). i am glad i told her not to finally.. i am the only one with my name in Art of living and in Yes plus 😛 it took me a long time infact only recent times that i started telling my full name to people proudly without shame. otherwise i always went by Muthu. thanks for the post Karpagavalli.


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  18. Karpagavalli N

    This in incredible..Im the one in 1000 with the name Karpagavalli 🙂
    Your blog does relax me a lot!


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