Truly Lovable people around!

This incident moved and touched my heart!

Wanted to type in a post on Kolams and was roaming around the streets nearby yesterday morning to catch some nice designs of kolams… I found 2 women drawing the kolams in front of an apartment and the watchman standing next to them. As soon as I slowed down my bike, the watchman playfully commented to the women in Tamil, “see one girl is coming to take a picture of your kolam”. The women did not believe it, and continued in their art work. When I stopped the bike, all the 3 were excited that I was really approaching them! They gave a proper pose like decorating the kolam and the watchman too posed for the pic and asked me if he was in coverage:). I showed them the pics and I was really happy that I made them happy!!! They moved and allowed me to click their kolam pic too…

The story doesn’t end here… I was generally talking to them and they asked what I was going to do with this pic of kolam, I just told them it was for me telling others on what Kolam in the tradition means. Meanwhile, I asked them if they knew where I can find a kolam where as a tradition they use cow dung / turmeric and keep a big flower in the center of the kolam(you’ll come to know why in a later post). They started thinking, and quickly all 3 went in search of the flower and the dung. They couldn’t find the dung, as cows are prohibited to move around in the streets here… so one of the women quickly went to a shop, bought a turmeric packet mixed some water and in few minutes all 3 made the kolam ready as I wished it to be!

I was TOTALLY moved!!! They knew they wouldn’t get anything by doing so, and they knew pretty well, that I was not from any news channel / paper… but still, they did so! God knows why!? I just wonder about these moments in life when I meet such lovable people, so RICH and pure by heart, couldn’t miss to see God in them! 🙂 God bless them!



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4 responses to “Truly Lovable people around!

  1. When u r doing seva, in my experience you come across such nice people, so down to earth, and so innocent from the heart, that something inside you moves.

    Making the entire process even more worthwhile.


  2. Very good! They do so much effort to decorate and hardly few people appreciate. Its very nice that you encouraged them!
    Since your previous post, I also complimented my tuition student for the nice Kolam they put in front of their home.


  3. shashwatee

    🙂 🙂 so true r ur words KK


  4. Shubha Varier

    I am falling in love with you…more… with each passing article ….. 🙂


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