The longest Surya grahanam of the millenium!

Was in Chennai for yesterday’s Solar eclipse… This time decided to go to the Birla planetarium taking a break in-between the meditations :-). Generally, I meditate and do my kriya as it’s said that meditation is lot more powerful when done during the eclipse.

I somehow managed to convince my appa (so sweet of him) to take me there. There was a looooooooooong queue for seeing it – something similar to queues in the famous temples on festival days (What came to my mind was the Vaikunta ekadashi – some of you can relate to it… :-))… Ranging from kids as young as 3 years to really old people…

I think after a long time, there were no clouds and the eclipse was happening in the afternoon. So, I was expecting something really great at the planetarium, like a big screen showing it, a commentary updating on whats happening, etc.

Was standing in the queue, but it hardly moved for 10 mins! In the meanwhile, I got a message from the ashram that they were going to start meditation at 12:45 pm. So, I wanted to get back home asap to meditate. But my dad had taken all the pain to bring me here. So, out of sheer curiosity, went ahead to see how long the queue was, and somehow got to the end of the queue, we would have walked at least a km inside… I have no idea – there was full security, but still I got there along with my dad… Think we became invisible to the security… (heheehe.. my Guru story!) See, when you want to do something good, like meditate, He would definitely help you out!

But, all that I saw was:

They could have planned and shown it much better for the number of people waiting soooo long under the HOT Sun to watch it, travelling a long distance.

However, it was quite a learning experience for me, as I have only seen the eclipses in news channels / paper… I learnt that we can see the eclipse with the glass used when welding – with grade 15 or more. Best learning was – sitting at home and meditating gives much more satisfaction than seeing the eclipse live, at least for me! 🙂


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One response to “The longest Surya grahanam of the millenium!

  1. I saw it in the institute. they had done a good job. will write about it soon.
    What it reminded me of is some movie in which a wicked priest used the sun vanishing phenomena to do his selfish motives.
    The eclipse was partial in most parts of India, full only near south end of India.


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