My adorable nephew!

Jus’ could not resist putting his pic here!!!

For everyone that I know of, a baby in their family will be “the” most adorable one… I used to think  “what can be so special?! Jus’ another baby, all babies are the same!” Unlike many, I have never been an admirer for babies… it gets over in a minute – kuchu, puchu, pattu stuff and then, I used to get bored… Baby sitting is something I could never think of doing!!!
But, when it came to him… hmm, I lost! He is damn adorable!!! 😀 😛 Can’t stop looking and admiring him…

He is gonna be 4 months on March 9th… 🙂 Wish and bless him!

Love you baby!!!



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13 responses to “My adorable nephew!

  1. Uddip

    Did you say, “4 months?” Those big pretty eyes says things differently! 🙂 Seriously.
    May God bless him and may he meet Guruji asap.

    And did you say, ‘I can never think of doing …..’. Hmmn. Hmmn. 🙂


    • karpagavalli

      yeah, i too thought so seeing the pic. those eyes are direct from his mom.. when he was born, all that we could see in his face was his eyes! 🙂


  2. He is sooooooo cute 🙂 Looks just like Lakshmi…waiting to see him…


  3. Y is he staring like me?!


  4. he really is very cute n i love ur writings, the look n feel of ur blog,


  5. I cant wait for you to get married and have a kid of your own :P, you’d make a perfect mom!!


  6. Shubha Varier

    Your writing is so good!!!!! But what is the cuties name? 🙂


  7. krish

    very nice to see ur writings in ur blog and appreciate ur research in getting information about the functions in our tradition.keep writing for all occasions.It is really appreciable thing to compare ur dad’s(!!!!) marraige photo and the sastiabdaburthi(not much difference!)
    all the best and good luck


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