Tamizh puththaandu vaazhthukkal!

Happy Tamil New year!
Happy Suryamana Ugaadi, Happy Vishu, Happy Baisakhi :-)… (If I have missed something, you can add on… )

Today(April 14th) is the First day of the Surya calendar…
This year is called Vikruti – meaning distortion. More on this in the next post! 😉


If you had not seen something like what’s in the pic in the morning, see it now! 🙂 Today, we wake up and first see all fruits, flowers, gold, silver, coconut, Thaamboolam (betel nut and betel eaves), rice, etc. so that we have all these in the New year in abundance (see the reflection too – it’s going to be double or more of what you have now!!! 🙂 )

Also, enjoy the “maanga pachidi” (yumm!!!), which has mango(sourness), jaggery(sweetness) and neem flowers(bitterness), salt, chilly(spice) in it… signifying that life is a combination of all tastes! 🙂

P.S: From today, you’ll see my posts more often! (My New year resolution ;-))



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12 responses to “Tamizh puththaandu vaazhthukkal!

  1. Uddip

    Why only one mirror? :O

    And “maanga pachidi” sounds irresistible!


  2. arpitt

    Happy new year to you too 🙂


  3. Yeah, I remember. My dad asks me to keep my eyes closed till i reach the swami nadai. Then wash my eyes with a little water and look into the mirror.

    Neem flowers?!! I have not seen them at all. Do they put neem flowers or neem leaves?


    • karpagavalli

      They put vepampoo, meaning Neem flowers, may be in some places they put leaves… Anyways, it doesn’t matter.. both are bitter!


  4. Haapppyyy New YEAR!!


  5. Uddip

    Since you wanted to know other ones …

    Rangali Bihu
    Subho Nabo Borsho
    Poila Baisakh


  6. sankar

    Is there any specific reason other than end of tamil claendar year for this to be a special day. Like i am trying to understand why any one is trying to move the tamil new year to january.


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