About this year…

As I had told that I would tell more about this year in my previous post, though it’s been sometime, here it goes…

Like 12 months come in cycles every year and each have a specific name, there are 60 years in our Indian calender, which come in cycles too. Each year has a specific name and amazingly, its meaning has something to do with how, if we live in that year, our problems get minimal and all good things get Maximised in that year… yeah, ancient Indians were really brilliant, if you thought otherwise, it’s time you change :-)!!!

Am not an astrologer nor a predictor… But, this is what I heard from Swami Suryapaada / Chayanna for this year – called “विकृति” / “VIKRUTI” 🙂 –

Some tips for this year that he shared with us in a satsang and that I remember are (definitely not verbatim and some words are translated)-

Vikruti (meaning distortion) can be of either of the 3 types –
Distortion in Speech(वाक्), Action(कर्म), Feelings(भाव). This year, it’s better to speak only when needed, if you are not needed to speak in some situation, it’s better to keep silence. Usually we get into some gossip with somebody or the other. This will directly affect our feelings. Because somebody said something which is not so pleasant, and we also responded to it, we get upset, angry, etc. Even a lie is not kept in its pure form when it moves from one person to other. Isn’t it? If we can only avoid the unnecessary gossips, it will be good for us. So, firstly, say “wrong number” to gossips :-P. Also, we need to take care that our actions & feelings are kept in their pure form. Sadhana will keep the calmness of mind,i.e, bring purity in feelings. Being more in seva, (meaning doing good for others in short) we can maintain the purity in our actions.

Guruji also says in one of the knowledge sheets that we can attain perfection in speech through satsang(good company), in action by doing seva, in feelings though sadhana. Though whatever stated above is relevant all the time, it’s specially applicable this year. It makes so much sense for me this year, as each and everday I get reminded of this when I engage myself in some conversation or the other, which is absolutely not relevant and get back to the 3 “S”s to साफ़ the “S.A.F.”! 🙂

P.S. : If you did not get my last sentence, read the post again from start! 😉



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7 responses to “About this year…

  1. Vijay

    Good one. So yet another year of caution, huh?


  2. Tejus

    Thanks for the info..:-)


  3. Vinod B S

    Oh!!! yeah… I know how Vikruthi in speach can lead to Vikruthi in Feelings 😉
    Ha ha 🙂
    Now, I have shut my mouth.. Haven’t spoken a lot over the past 2weeks…rather not many people to speak to over here in US…


  4. Abhay

    good to know of 60 year cycle! I am only noticing the lunar cycle now… they must have had an excellent observation skill those days.

    hmmm. 3 S for perfection in SAF… good!


    • yeah… so i was just thinking… Sadhana is well defined, and can have many ‘add on’ s,as you do further courses! So also Satsang is easy, just sing along or chant Om Namah Shivay…

      How to make Seva daily life activity, in a way that is flexible and can be done by everybody…


  5. how do you put Devanagari – Hindi – Script in middle of English !?

    I only could copy paste some hindi from gmail draft into wordpress. don’t know how to type it there itself.


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