And… we got them married again!

It’s been almost a month since I have been wanting to post this… Thanks to my sis for sending the pics within a month after request… (I can see your face now Lakshmi, as I type this… 😛 😉 )

As we missed our parents’ wedding, we got them married again! 🙂 😉


It was my dad’s Shashtiabdhapoorti, meaning 60th birthday on April 18th… there were poojas, rudra homams, rudraabishekams, daanams and lot of serene joy! Am more and more amazed at our tradition!!!


Thanks to all the angels, in all levels and forms of existence, for blessing it to be a wonderful function! Felt absolutely grateful!!!

Love you amma and appa — for Everything!!!



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12 responses to “And… we got them married again!

  1. sankar

    nice , my namaskaram’s to your parents


  2. Vinod B S

    This is a nice tradition..:-)
    Do we have anything for mother’s 60th B’day???
    I think we should have something for her B’day also…


  3. Uddip

    See I told you! Unfair for Moms!

    And long awaited one! Finally …


  4. Vijay

    Cool one esp the idea of then n now. By the way, I have some really nice snaps of the function on my mobile. It’s just waiting to be downloaded. Let me know how I share those with you and I will do once I download them (mostly this week).

    Lakshmi can now breathe a sigh of relief that she isn’t the slowest 🙂


  5. nice post! 🙂 i missed the poojas.


  6. Arvind

    Happy to hear ! your blog’s are good.. Keep writing



    happy married life


  8. karpagavalli , ur blog is superb.Here is some food for your thought.

    Agnihotra reduces the effect of Nuclear radiation.

    an admirer from srgm


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