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I just found somethings in the previous article that I wanted to share, but was not sure how to put it up in one post… This was an article that was on TOI few days after the most exaggerated masala “news of the century” to the people in media kept shouting out loud be it newspapers or TV. I was at the Art of Living International centre, on the day the media got a chance to shout non-sense, leave alone the final conclusion that was come up with!!!

Few days later, I was watching Vijay TV’s “Nadandadu enna” (I usually believe the info given by this program), I ended up wonder struck(hmm not exactly… actually I was shocked for few moments) and I could not control my laugh for the heights of nonsense made up! These Vijay TV guys had taken some random videos in the ashram and one of the lines quoted by the anchor was “devotees were concerned and anxiously waited for their Guru’s protection”, when no one was even bothered about the incident and just were sitting on the grass and relaxing! The way the commentator modulated his voice and the background music added to the videos shot at the Art of Living international center, a few days after that day almost got a masala story going! Where there was hardly any security, they kept telling the ashram is under “tight” security, with which people outside Bangalore could have assumed a filmy circle of police around the ashram. Daily there were a minimum of 4000 people coming in and going from the ashram, and who has the time to check them man??!!

Hmmm, many know about this aspect of media, but some others still innocently(ignorantly) ended up asking questions and commented about it in various means, when they absolutely had no idea of what had happened! Well, in Art of Living, one of the main things taught to us is “acceptance”, and Guruji is an embodiment of it…

Whenever someone talks irrelevant stuff about Art of Living and Guruji, it just reminds me of one Tamil quote I was taught in my childhood – “மலைய பாத்து நாய் கொலைச்சுதாம்”, literally means, “dog kept shouting looking at a mountain” 😉 😛 .



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4 responses to “My views…

  1. Super post my dear cous 🙂

    We all know the media principle of “It leads when it bleeds”. So write/talk anything negative, it will definitely sell. Anyways calling speculative opinions as “Nadanthathu Enna” is somewhat funny and flimsy thou.


  2. By the way, please make your blog moderated as some idiots with no jobs come and post stupid and irrelevant comments with an intention to malign anything positive.


  3. Mahesh

    Most of the vijay TV programs are anchored and directed by converted christians (Antony, Simon Gopinath) and are worser than bullshit. They always create programs to defame hinduism in all the possible ways. So its better to stop watching these stupid channel and start condemning their stupidity as much as possible.


    • Selvakumar

      Good Article. But openly speaking, I will not believe in any swamiji though i believe in the concept of yoga and the “god is one and he is the human who helps the needy”.


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