Amar Chitra Katha!

Have recently got very inspired to read books, something that had never been my nature, right from my childhood… I had been a person who could read any book (provided it interests me), be it a comic or a normal book, for a maximum attention span for 15 – 16 pages at once. Then, I either fall asleep or carry on with some other work. In “tinkle”, which I think 5 year old children read these days, I used to be contented reading Supaandi and Kalia the crow, not anything more! No inspiration from my friends, who all kept graduating from Enid Blyton to Nancy drew, Hardy boys, Agatha Christy, Sydney Sheldon,… could help!!! Well, don’t ask about how I studied for exams! 😉 Most of it was taught by my sweet friends and my sis, credit goes to them and for 12th grade, to my coaching class teachers!!!

Well, it’s not my problem, but it seems my planets are to be blamed or appreciated… Recently, I had checked my horoscope and the person told and explained me why I’ll not be a good learner from books, and told that I mostly learn through my own experience or from others’ experiences (we’ll get into how astrology works, do I believe in it and all later)… 🙂 So, you know… I am a person of “learning by listening” or “learning by doing”… 😉 😛

I know these “Amar Chitra Katha”(ACK) books existed, but never bothered to even look at them till sometime back. Recently, I wanted to take a gift for a Upanayanam function, the boy was 12 years, and I was thinking hard what to gift him… When Suman and Prasanna suggested these ACK books… Initially, I had a thought will he be too intelligent for these books? But, these 2 convinced me to get it for the boy… Later that week, I picked up some copies, just to check how they are, and wow, to my amazement I completed all of them in less than a day (it IS of course a BIG record for me)!!! And definitely these books are not only for children, the knowledge in these is so profound… They so nicely convey our epics and what actually happened in our history, I was amazed! Many stories from Ramayana, Mahabharata, about our freedom fighters, which I had not known was put up in so simple pictures and words. Got to know many things I did not know about Rama’s and Krishna’s dynasty, and I had a big confusion on how Krishna was related to the Pandavas, Bheeshma, Vyasa, now it seems pretty clear… Will be sharing it in the coming posts too… 🙂 Wait and Check it!!!

Now am also in my ACK security spree, as I got soooo deeply interested reading it, I take few books where ever I go, whenever possible read few pages, and I find many, who just want to grab and possess it, they say they’ll read it and give it back… but, whatever… Go pick up one for yourself, it’s really worth buying and reading it 😉 🙂



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14 responses to “Amar Chitra Katha!

  1. aditi

    wow,,kk,,am inspired to read em too..where can i get them?


  2. Vaishnavi

    I love Amar Chitra Katha too! Esp their Mahabharata series so amazing… One of the things I want to do in this lifetime is finish reading the entire ACK collection! 🙂
    BTW nice read. Keep the posts coming up! 🙂


  3. Venkatesh

    I have a huge soft copy of ACK’s with me. You can get it from me anytime u want


  4. I love Amar Chitra Katha too!!!!
    It formed a major book collection of my childhood! I used to read them again and again. Those images still come to my mind! I read about Tilak, whom I appreciated most then, the freedom fighters, the Shalivahan and other kings… It has such a perfect combination of words and pictures. The stories are well informed.
    Come over to my place to read the volume on The Sikh Gurus! Its a very interesting collection. 🙂


  5. Hey, I am feeling the urge to read them too… 🙂


  6. Muthu

    good time to confess that i don’t read much books either! but when i do read i can’t keep it down once i cross the initial usual boredom(or laziness! :P) i am used to while reading and i too love ACK and its similar types.


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  8. sreenysh

    hi i love ACK from my childhood i have many copies still with me, any body needs please contact me.


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