Tantrums, Irony of my life, My wedding preparations – How to name this?!!

Why the hell???!
I was mad about getting married, now I have gone mad.
I have no idea why i was so crazy about him, and no idea why I was so sad that my parents did not make any arrangements for my wedding. Now that things have started happening, parents agreed, my wedding date fixed, my wedding hall fixed, I just want to get away from all this. Everyone is sweet, want to see and make each other happy. Am given a choice, then I am left with forced choices of making my MIL/ SIL happy, not that they want to thrust their desires on their DIL / SIL(that’s me), only that they want me to look my best on my(i.e., their DIL / SIL’s) wedding. Same with my parents, they just want their daughter to be and look the ‘good girl’ always :-). Yes, noble thoughts, noble advices, so that WE and everyone around are happy (see the problem?! Is it even possible?!). And, I say to myself – “Listen dear, Be the good girl you are, just be silent :-)”.

I thought I did my bit to make my parents happy and then in the process, made them sooo confused and sad. What an irony?! Why?!! Sorry amma / appa :-(.

Well, I meditate everyday, all of you feel happy that you and I are at least this safe. Yes, I do get angry and it’s over. Can you also just forget about it?! But OMG! Looks like people around me are going mad :-(. Can you all please go meditate too?! (a request from the deep of my heart). People, please understand, it’s my first wedding… am a fresher with 0 yrs of experience…

I wonder what had people done in the past when they got married!!!??? How did they even manage?! Is it really really so tough? My pranams and saashtaanga namaskarams to all of you. With tears – (confused – happy or sad?!), with complaints, with misunderstandings, with communication gaps, with all possible complicated FEELINGS, yes, I am going to get married. Have decided, let me go through this. People say “it’s fun, just have fun, it’s your wedding, just chillax, things will be fine…” Man… What the **@#%?! Let me just get off this… Can it just get over faster??!! Feels like am sitting in a 30000ft roller coaster, never ending, giving me shitting fear, just waiting with my eyes closed tight to get out of it fast!



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11 responses to “Tantrums, Irony of my life, My wedding preparations – How to name this?!!

  1. sankar

    post I can’t comment on, all the best kk wish you a happy married life!


  2. Ahila

    Hey!! I do accept that its an irony but your feeling at the moment is just the right one.. I am sure that every married girl would have gone through it and, as I read through this post, I couldn’t hide a shy smile on my face… so, take it easy and join the bandwagon!! 🙂

    Amidst this chaos, there would be a big bag of surprises and celeberations awaiting! Make the BEST of it…

    Jai Gurudev!
    Loads of Love and happiness… 🙂


  3. Very truthful post KK. I can see that you have vented out all that which was there inside…As Guruji says, you always get what you need. 🙂
    And I hope someday you are able to draw and sketch like(or better) the pic on this post. 🙂


  4. Vijay

    Good post with a vivid capture of emotions.

    //People, please understand, it’s my first wedding… //am a fresher with 0 yrs of experience…
    Good one there 🙂

    //Be the good girl you are
    In between the truth ……


  5. Amarja

    Whoa! that was a blast of all the feelings in one go. Hope it helped. 🙂


  6. You don’t need to please anyone! And don’t expect others to please you…!

    Btw, I need The First Invitation Card!! 😉
    Prathamam Vande Ganesham.
    And I qualify to be Ganesha with my big fat belly and long ears etc.


  7. KK…Just wonder and be a witness…Its all a dream yaar..:)….!!!!

    Also Guruji says look for things which give u short term pain and long term gain….. this is quite a sweet pain and has to be enjoyed right now….

    Staying with your ***Happy Singh in the end …is the Long term gain for u….!!! May be Sri Sri & Sai Baba have brainstormed and have finally arrived at this baby Krishna for u….!!!

    Enjoy Life…Enzzoy ur Marriage….and whereever u feel Stuck ….Take a Deep Breath in and then Breathe it out…!!! 🙂

    Wao…when u wonder… Even Marriage can become a meditation….On this Note I shower all my Blessings for the Mr & Mrs. YES+….May u take big big courses together and attain Moksha in this Lifetime only !!!!

    Aho 😉

    *** Prassana=Happy


  8. Mathangi

    Lucky one you are. Very few brides in India get to involve as much as you have in the wedding preparations. Great way to bring out all the communication skills, people management skills, organization skills….
    I am sure the wedding will go great, and every one who attends the wedding will be very very happy, and you know why!!!

    I am not giving this as a general advice – speaking from direct experience


  9. Thoroughly Enjoyed!…..Nice Rendering!


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