Status : Married (twice!)

First things first! Something I cannot stop showing off : BLAST of GRACE moment in my life!!!

Look at this!

Ohhhhh Guruji!!!

Yes… now I can share the rest…

Got twice married : August 27th 2010 and October 22nd 2010 – Well, from now, for my wedding anniversaries in coming years, if you forget one date, you can wish me on the next.

I am completely happy and thrilled about both the days! Each one have different Guru moments and stories.

Getting married is an experience!!! 🙂 That too when the ‘mangalsutra’ / ‘taali’ was about to get tied, just as it was tied and a few minutes later, it is an unexplainable moment! The whole day felt soo different and blessed! Have no idea how many people blessed us and from how many dimensions! All that I can remember is I felt a shower of blessingsssssss, felt so much power and I have no idea how to put it in words… I heard the same from Prasanna too! You need to get married to know what I mean here I think, better even to get married at Mahalakshmi mantap @ ashram.

The dream wedding, with the people I dreamed of (well, except those who gave the reason of staying overseas or gotten pregnant.. are you all reading this – missed you all 😦 ), with the dream photos toooo, actually happened!!! If I look at it now, it feels like it was more than what I had dreamed of!!!

The moment!

A day before the wedding was lil’ tough with lot of mixed feelings and emotions, I had and I have no idea of what I went through though! It still feels weird. Thanks to my sis, Akshu, Preeti and Gayathri… now I really understand the importance of “மணப்பெண் தோழிகள் – manappen thozhigal” (meaning – ‘bride’s ‘girl’friends’) to stay beside the bride in her wedding!

Wedding at ashram also meant that it was a YES!+ event – Suman, Vinod, Gokul, and few others running around to do the ‘event management’ stuff and manage the last minute chaos!

The icing on the cake was Bau and Dinesh bhaiya coming in — oohhhh! They looked like angels who have jus’ arrived on planet Earth!!!

Bauuu and Dinesh bhaiya!

Well, I was lil’ upset that Guruji was not there physically at the ashram during the wedding, something I could not share with anyone then… But, now, He could not have been more nicer to me and get ‘patched’ up with me in any better way! A month and a half later, we met Him with our family – oooouuuuu it was a worthy wait! What a day it was! Have no words to thank Him!!! HEEEE giving us the garlands to exchange… I melted the moment He gave me THATTTTT LOOK ! What a look that was!!!?!?!? Want this impression to last and repeat itself पुन: पुन: and again and again!!! 😛 The date all this happened was 22nd October 2010, and I felt as if my wedding was complete just then!

Naanum Nokkinen, Avarum Nokkinaar!

Beyond all this, realised that “STATUS : Married” DOES make a good deal of difference for both of us, though we knew each other for years now:-). I am just getting used to that “change”, may be shall post on the most interesting and striking changes in the coming posts – but only after I am myself ready to post on it!



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12 responses to “Status : Married (twice!)

  1. Congrats…

    and WOWOOOOOOWWWw you have Baws and Dinesh bhaiya come for wedding and then meeting Guruji @ Shakthi kutir (first time visit there?) – I heard and was pictures from KK album and he said it was his first visit there using cameraman as reason. 😀

    I wish I can be this close as well. ..with Guruji …may be it is waiting to happen 🙂


  2. Arpit

    Wow 🙂 What a post !!
    Really lucky to get blessings, 1st from Bau Dinehs da and then from divine himself…. directly 🙂
    Congrats once again 🙂


  3. Harinikarthikeyan

    as u said getting married is so different and its a very nice feeling tat can never be put in to words. if the husband is really caring and nice to you, the whole world is yours, thats simply awesome. if all this happen with our loved ones, oh my god, we dont need anything more in life…feel very happy for you that all these things has happened for you. ofcourse, i really feel bad that i missed your wedding :(…

    after marriage its real fun, we change so much for the loved ones, but we never realise the same til someone tel us about it… eagerly waiting for your interesting updates, post it as early as possible…


  4. Swati

    wow u are super lucky!! 😀


  5. super fantabulous post. i really wished i had heard it 1st hand from u the moment u both met guruji. i wont forgive u for that. but this post made me relive it bigtime…so i pardon u;)

    and those overload of blessings u n prasanna felt were MINEEEE;);)
    lots of love to u both.
    (next post better be abt how many hours u guys fight in a day;))


  6. Vinod

    I am overwhelmed to be able to comment anything on this post…
    Anyways, ur wedding has made me know that it has much more than a routine of tying the knot…
    Do take our inputs for the next post “after effects of marriage”…


  7. Will you remind us, if we forgot one of the dates 😉


  8. You really have a very good style of narrative.

    And the moments you have described – priceless 🙂

    You were first couple for whom I put akshathai n blessed (i was told, i was eligible to do that , lol)


  9. HA HA HA! Romba Azhagana post! 🙂 Afterall how many ppl get a chance to meet God after their wedding? 🙂 Blessed thou art!
    I remember G saying – God always listens to what we ask for but sometimes the answer is a little delayed (in your case)thats all…:). Probably you might not have got so much time with him if he had come on the wedding day.
    Just loved assisting ur wedding! Was a great experience for me…truly YES!+ style! 🙂
    Not to forget things i need to take care iff(intended double ‘f’ ) i get married in ashram 😉
    And yeah, looking fwd to your so called ‘controversial’ posts! 🙂


  10. Well regarding wishing you for your anniversaries, was that for everyone or specifically for Prasanna? 😉


  11. asha

    hey dear:)congrats !!!!(once again)
    u look so grt:)


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