The NICEr side

And then…

There was one other side in my mind that kept assuring that nothing bad could happen, which did become true. The Sumo stopped (I believe the truck and the other car would have also halted), people came, carried me to the Sumo. I shouted out through my helmet (that I could not remove), NOT to put me in the car; was just trying to be safe, with close to 20 men around me. They were telling me to come to the hospital, but I was persistent to call someone from my side. I also could not see where my bike was and I did not want it to be left there. So, they made me sit near the railing. I looked out for my phone, which survived injuries too. Note : it survived. I called Prasanna. His number was ‘not reachable’. After 2 other tries, Rajeev (at ashram) picked up. He asked me to wait right there. I told these men, but realized soon that there were too many bruises that were starting to show off the pain. One of the men got my bike and told me that the bike is safe, that it will be dropped at the hospital and to call my people there. I was surprised that the bike was fine and just had few scratches, considering the impact of the hit it took! I was still skeptical to go to ‘some’ hospital on Kanakapura road. Thanks to Rajeev for the timely suggestion, I was taken to the Emergency clinic in the ashram. It pained. Though I did not want to in front of stangers, I cried. Soon I was at the clinic under the care of the most caring doctor, Dr. Priyadarshan and nurse, Renu.
The tears did continue for more than a week, but then, for a different reason.

There was a complete list of things I could feel grateful about!

1. I just had 3 limbs injured, one was still safe. I could still rest one leg comfortably when I lied down or sat – you have no idea what a comforting feeling it was.

2. People who never used to smile back in my apartment, asked me if I needed help and HELPED! Who said neighbors have become hostile these days?

3. Someone or the other was sent to take care of my food for more than a week. Who sent? – well, I do not know.

4. It was just some bruises and a small fracture, nothing multiple broke. When I narrate the incident to people, they are still surprised.

5. I was sent to the right doctors who took good care of me. I felt like a kid around them.

6. There were 20+ people who came to help in the middle of a highway! We live in India, felt proud.

7. Have got so many friends, well wishers who prayed for me to get well soon, feel so good.

8. Realized that I have the most caring bestest husband

9. The day when I could understand what it means to just feel grateful for this Life… How precious it is.

10. That I could feel grateful and implement a point that I tell out in YES!+. I have got one more Guru story to share πŸ˜‰

Then on, each time whenever I changed the dressing or tended to the wounds and even now when I oil the scars, I remember something Gurudev says in His guided meditations : “Your body is a precious gift from the mother nature, Honor and Respect your own body”. Ever since, I have really lived through it each and every day. πŸ™‚



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3 responses to “The NICEr side

  1. The last para was the best! πŸ™‚


  2. Vinod B S

    BTW, @prasanna was at his lifetime best taking care of his wife!
    never ever imagined that he would do all that he did and the house was filled with ‘prasanna’tha πŸ™‚


  3. πŸ™‚ wow! It is amazing to what extent a Guru goes so that we get His messages clear πŸ™‚


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