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The day when the NICE Road was not so NICE

It’s been a month now, since when I had wanted to tell you the story. When life felt like a blessing and grace.

9th Aug 2012. I was riding my Wego on NICE road, on the way to Sumeru office near ashram. I saw the Sumo on the slow-moving vehicles lane. I wouldn’t be typing this if I had not seen it moving towards me. I saw it, and my reflex was right, I had to move my bike to the right and away from it. But, I couldn’t. It’s a highway & something else was moving on my right. So, all that I could do was to get my Wego just hit (I can still feel the jerk) by the sumo, feel my bike sliding and rubbing on the doors of the Sumo and fall down with my moving bike.

NICE road

Well, that was a SUV and me with my Wego. Within few seconds, I was dragged with my bike, on to the middle of the road where my body halted. My bike drove itself to the other side of the road a few meters away into the mud and grass. While I was being dragged, I just had this thought – ‘oh so now this is what one experiences when one gets hit by a Sumo’. I was also reminded of the last time I had fallen from a bike. It was not too bad. But, I had no clue what’s coming up next…

When I looked up, I had had a 180 degree turn. I saw a big lorry getting straight towards me and a blue car  approaching  to my left, on the other lane. And yes, even now my reflexes were right – I had to get up and move away to the side. But, that moment I understood the difference. The state where the mind had to give away to the body. I could not turn and look where my bike was. My hands and my legs did not move, any slight movement caused excruciating pain. I felt a state of helplessness. As I kept seeing the lorry and the blue car, within the next fraction of a second, my parents, Prasanna, Guruji, my nephew, sis, my wedding, friends, my childhood, Baba temple, my colleagues, my x colleagues, all the pleasurable moments of the past and the to be ‘happy’ future, flashed in just one shot. Tears started rolling. Thoughts of have I done good or bad karma throughout my life came up, especially, whether I had done anything wrong that morning! When all this was happening, I just had a thought of Guruji, that He should be knowing that I was stuck there. I really don’t remember if I prayed for help.

And then…. (to be continued in my next post).



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Tantrums, Irony of my life, My wedding preparations โ€“ How to name this?!!

Why the hell???!
I was mad about getting married, now I have gone mad.
I have no idea why i was so crazy about him, and no idea why I was so sad that my parents did not make any arrangements for my wedding. Now that things have started happening, parents agreed, my wedding date fixed, my wedding hall fixed, I just want to get away from all this. Everyone is sweet, want to see and make each other happy. Am given a choice, then I am left with forced choices of making my MIL/ SIL happy, not that they want to thrust their desires on their DIL / SIL(that’s me), only that they want me to look my best on my(i.e., their DIL / SIL’s) wedding. Same with my parents, they just want their daughter to be and look the ‘good girl’ always :-). Yes, noble thoughts, noble advices, so that WE and everyone around are happy (see the problem?! Is it even possible?!). And, I say to myself – “Listen dear, Be the good girl you are, just be silent :-)”.

I thought I did my bit to make my parents happy and then in the process, made them sooo confused and sad. What an irony?! Why?!! Sorry amma / appa :-(.

Well, I meditate everyday, all of you feel happy that you and I are at least this safe. Yes, I do get angry and it’s over. Can you also just forget about it?! But OMG! Looks like people around me are going mad :-(. Can you all please go meditate too?! (a request from the deep of my heart). People, please understand, it’s my first wedding… am a fresher with 0 yrs of experience…

I wonder what had people done in the past when they got married!!!??? How did they even manage?! Is it really really so tough? My pranams and saashtaanga namaskarams to all of you. With tears – (confused – happy or sad?!), with complaints, with misunderstandings, with communication gaps, with all possible complicated FEELINGS, yes, I am going to get married. Have decided, let me go through this. People say “it’s fun, just have fun, it’s your wedding, just chillax, things will be fine…” Man… What the **@#%?! Let me just get off this… Can it just get over faster??!! Feels like am sitting in a 30000ft roller coaster, never ending, giving me shitting fear, just waiting with my eyes closed tight to get out of it fast!


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Amar Chitraย Katha!

Have recently got very inspired to read books, something that had never been my nature, right from my childhood… I had been a person who could read any book (provided it interests me), be it a comic or a normal book, for a maximum attention span for 15 – 16 pages at once. Then, I either fall asleep or carry on with some other work. In “tinkle”, which I think 5 year old children read these days, I used to be contented reading Supaandi and Kalia the crow, not anything more! No inspiration from my friends, who all kept graduating from Enid Blyton to Nancy drew, Hardy boys, Agatha Christy, Sydney Sheldon,… could help!!! Well, don’t ask about how I studied for exams! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Most of it was taught by my sweet friends and my sis, credit goes to them and for 12th grade, to my coaching class teachers!!!

Well, it’s not my problem, but it seems my planets are to be blamed or appreciated… Recently, I had checked my horoscope and the person told and explained me why I’ll not be a good learner from books, and told that I mostly learn through my own experience or from others’ experiences (we’ll get into how astrology works, do I believe in it and all later)… ๐Ÿ™‚ So, you know… I am a person of “learning by listening” or “learning by doing”… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜›

I know these “Amar Chitra Katha”(ACK) books existed, but never bothered to even look at them till sometime back. Recently, I wanted to take a gift for a Upanayanam function, the boy was 12 years, and I was thinking hard what to gift him… When Suman and Prasanna suggested these ACK books… Initially, I had a thought will he be too intelligent for these books? But, these 2 convinced me to get it for the boy… Later that week, I picked up some copies, just to check how they are, and wow, to my amazement I completed all of them in less than a day (it IS of course a BIG record for me)!!! And definitely these books are not only for children, the knowledge in these is so profound… They so nicely convey our epics and what actually happened in our history, I was amazed! Many stories from Ramayana, Mahabharata, about our freedom fighters, which I had not known was put up in so simple pictures and words. Got to know many things I did not know about Rama’s and Krishna’s dynasty, and I had a big confusion on how Krishna was related to the Pandavas, Bheeshma, Vyasa, now it seems pretty clear… Will be sharing it in the coming posts too… ๐Ÿ™‚ Wait and Check it!!!

Now am also in my ACK security spree, as I got soooo deeply interested reading it, I take few books where ever I go, whenever possible read few pages, and I find many, who just want to grab and possess it, they say they’ll read it and give it back… but, whatever… Go pick up one for yourself, it’s really worth buying and reading it ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚


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The longest Surya grahanam of the millenium!

Was in Chennai for yesterday’s Solar eclipse… This time decided to go to the Birla planetarium taking a break in-between the meditations :-). Generally, I meditate and do my kriya as it’s said that meditation is lot more powerful when done during the eclipse.

I somehow managed to convince my appa (so sweet of him) to take me there. There was a looooooooooong queue for seeing it – something similar to queues in the famous temples on festival days (What came to my mind was the Vaikunta ekadashi – some of you can relate to it… :-))… Ranging from kids as young as 3 years to really old people…

I think after a long time, there were no clouds and the eclipse was happening in the afternoon. So, I was expecting something really great at the planetarium, like a big screen showing it, a commentary updating on whats happening, etc.

Was standing in the queue, but it hardly moved for 10 mins! In the meanwhile, I got a message from the ashram that they were going to start meditation at 12:45 pm. So, I wanted to get back home asap to meditate. But my dad had taken all the pain to bring me here. So, out of sheer curiosity, went ahead to see how long the queue was, and somehow got to the end of the queue, we would have walked at least a km inside… I have no idea – there was full security, but still I got there along with my dad… Think we became invisible to the security… (heheehe.. my Guru story!) See, when you want to do something good, like meditate, He would definitely help you out!

But, all that I saw was:

They could have planned and shown it much better for the number of people waiting soooo long under the HOT Sun to watch it, travelling a long distance.

However, it was quite a learning experience for me, as I have only seen the eclipses in news channels / paper… I learnt that we can see the eclipse with the glass used when welding – with grade 15 or more. Best learning was – sitting at home and meditating gives much more satisfaction than seeing the eclipse live, at least for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

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