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A(n) (…………!) decade with The Art of Living

… Fantastic. Incredible. Irrational. Inconceivable. Implausible. Astounding. Fabulous. Awesome. Amazing. Beautiful. Happiness++ !!!  I still cant fit my journey with the Art of Living in the last 10 years with one word, or to say even one sentence. If I start, I always have more to say. This week I step into the 11th year with The Art of Living…

I have no idea how I joined the Art of Living Happiness Program when all I wanted to do in my 3rd year Engineering holidays was join a “yoga” class & there were 5 – 6 different yoga classes happening very close to my house in Chennai. It was a total ‘by chance’.

Though my then ‘best’ friend had told me to join another yoga class (that was Prasanna, my husband now – I used to take his words so seriously then – as though he was God to me; and ya, I still continue to do 😉 ) & was very sure to join it, some how this Guru of mine pulled me to Him. It was my eldest sis who convinced me & my parents; made me do this program along with her. Thank you Gurudev and my dear Baba for making this happen, I feel so safe, protected with You!10 years of learning the art to handle the mind!When I look back & see what I have learnt in these 10 years…  I have learnt the Sudarshan Kriya – that has done so much good to me & definitely to people around me, that ‘yoga’ is not just yoga asanas, many yoga asanas, the importance of breath, difference between spirituality & religion (one of my friends had asked me this question during my engineering), meditation, many types of pranayams, what’s the basis of advaita & dvaita (which was a total ‘?’ to me as to why there was a difference in first place between what 2 major Gurus in Hinduism said), ways to handle tantrums, emotions, relationships… husband, mother in law 😉 … one most important fact that I had not realised a decade back is that I am just so fortunate to have got a living Guru in my life — if this sounds hyperbolic to you, can’t really help – stop feeling so.

Life has passed by wonderfully fast in the last 10 years – taking up a job ‘far away’ from my parents just because it was a closer to my field of study than the one I got in Chennai (well, I have the record of dropping out from a very reputed college within a week of joining ‘cuz I felt home sick), meeting absolutely wonderful people who have taught me so many things just by their way of living (read Bawa, Dinesh bhaiya, Rashmin bhaiya, Rajesh anna, Kavi akka, Hema akka, to quote a few), teaching this program myself to many youth, getting the courage to do things that I wouldn’t have dared to do otherwise, feeling really proud about being an Indian, my Tambrahm Mylapore culture & traditions, moving beyond the barriers that I had for myself, talking to strangers & having a feeling they are a part of my own family, becoming a content creator(!), having the confidence that some higher power always protects me & loves me so dearly  – oh my God, the list can go on…

The Art of Living has just not taught me breathing & yoga – it has taught me a way to really live life – really. It does not mean that I don’t fight with my husband, it also does not mean I do not get angry/ upset.. I still do! But, definitely there has been a leap change – I can get back my smile much much faster without having the constipated emotional impressions. Meditation, Pranayam, Sudarshan Kriya – works!

When I did the program, I had no idea about who ‘Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’ was. The teachers had kept His picture in front of us & I hardly remember them mentioning about Him. It took me 6 months to see Him personally, 1.5 years to take Him as ‘my Guru’ – He usually tells, ‘my job is not to remove your doubts, my job is to put more doubts in you. Legendary is the faith that withstands a thousand chances of doubts.’ And that is what He put me through for 1.5 years. I am super glad & sad at the same time about taking that 1.5 years. Later, I came to know that its said … “When it is Time, Your Guru will find you…” & Wow! It feels great to be found! 🙂

Photo taken during a meeting with Gurudev in 2007

One of the first ‘close’ meetings with Gurudev in August 2007 with my Bosch friends

When I did the Sudarshan Kriya for the 1st time, I wanted everyone who I knew to experience it. Fortunately many of them have done it, some have also become teachers, volunteers; but still some have been adamant & not listened.

Whatever be it, I feel absolutely super fortunate and grateful. I only wish those ‘some’ & many many more get to experience Sudarshan Kriya at least some time in their life! 🙂

Jai Guru Deva,


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Not Paining enough??!! – It did for me! :-)

It’s been 1 year this week – been out of the “usual” conventional career. 🙂

This short story really inspired me and definitely is one of the reasons why I am doing what I am doing today! 🙂

Bawa (For those who don’t know, he is the director of YES!+ and WAYE, the youth wing of The Art of Living along with Dinesh bhaiya) shared this story in one of his YES!+ sessions. Though not exactly what he said, thought would share it with you all!

The story goes on like this –
There were 2 neighbours, we’ll name them – Kamal and Vimal. Kamal had a pet dog, name it – chintu. One night, Chintu kept howling throughout the night. Vimal was not able to sleep and got perplexed. The next morning, really irritated that he cannot take it anymore, Vimal decided to go to Kamal’s house to find out the reason. He goes to Kamal’s gate, opens it and finds Chintu sitting in a corner and howling. Rather surprised, He asked Kamal “why is he howling and crying sitting in a corner?” For which Kamal replied “it’s because he is sitting on a needle”. Vimal was even more shocked – “Oh God! But, if he is sitting on a needle why doesn’t he get up and move out of the place? Why is he howling and going through the torture?” Kamal smiles and replies saying “Because… it is not paining him enough!”

Got it??!! I did :-)…

I got my “dream” job as soon as I completed my final year. First year was awesome fun… I got to spend “my” money, how much ever I wanted to, didn’t have to ask anyone for going anywhere, stayed away from parents in Bengaluru, also got to come back anytime I wanted to. But, after that first year, it was the dog story… till I decided to do something about it. 🙂

After a year at work, though I got really bored and irritated, I did not attempt to do anything about it for a long time – Reasons:
1. I didn’t even realize I was going through the pain, since everyone around me was in the same plight.
2. I did not have the guts to quit my job and do something new- “FEAR” – ohhh!!! what will I do if I am not successful in something I take up? Then I’ll not even get a job after that! 😦
3. I could hardly think of any innovative ideas to start of with something, if not for my job, as almost all the time I was at office!

AAAhhhh!!!! It was bad! Even now, I cannot imagine how people willingly go through this even though they know they are sitting on a big strong sharp pin!

Am just completing a year of being with YES!+ and Art of Living full-time… The year passed at a very fast pace, I cannot imagine that it’s been a year! Each month with a lot of HAPPIEST happenings!!! Best learning’s happened last year – somethings that I think would have only learnt after 10 years of work experience in a company. Best in all learning was that I can survive HAPPILY even without a penny in my account! 🙂

Am just full of gratitude for all that has happened – all those I met, all those I meet, everybody!!! I cannot stop feeling grateful to all those who have made me what I am today! 🙂

I have heard a lot of Guru stories. If I look back, my life has been a Guru story every moment and continues to be so… Want to tell you all of that… but not now :P… Will post on it soon, only if you all want to know! 🙂 😉


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