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Being in the Ishavasya Upanishad with Sri Sri

I feel thoroughly blessed and happy as I type this post.

Remember? I had mentioned to you about the 1st book I had ever read when I was in 10th? – Sai Baba’s Satcharitra. In that, there is a story in which Baba would have made His devotee, Das Ganu maharaj, understand & experience the essence of the Ishavasya Upanishad, in a very simple way when the latter was in deep quest & difficulty to decipher the wisdom in it. (Das Ganu maharaj ji is a well known poet, personality in Maharashtra and he later translated the Upanishad into the Marati language)

I used to wonder, what if… I had also got this knowledge directly?! Why I am born so many years after all these have happened?

Well, it’s been 16 years since this thought passed my mind…

I now feel so totally grateful that my prayers came true!!!

It’s been 2 days. 1.5 hours just pass like a few minutes, leaving me to wonder and long for more time in this wisdom!

Some snippets from what Gurudev shared yesterday and today, that really triggered something in me (not His verbatim) –
1. The shanti mantra of this upanishad gifted the knowledge of 0 to the world.

Ishavasya Upanishad Shloka

Literal translation : That is whole; this is whole; From that whole came this whole; From that whole, this whole removed, What remains is whole.

0 – 0 = 0, 0 + 0 = 0 !
When you remove 0 from 0, 0 remains! – and it is whole!
Can you Imagine!?

Gurudev shared a beautiful example for this –
“When you share peace with others, you won’t lose your peace. When you share knowledge with others, you won’t lose the knowledge! it remains full inside you”

2. Everything in the world is permeated by God. Then what about the bad people?!
They also are made of atoms, molecules and the same life force energy – that’s God!
He said – “If you are caught up in knowing about the hero and the villain – forget about it, you can never know the director!”

3. What is the access code to God? – to let go & relax! Then you realise you are in that ‘Ishavasya’ (in God)!
Tena Tyaktena Bhunjitaha
“When you try to hold on to something, whatever appears to give pleasure starts giving you pain”

The world is there to enjoy! By letting go – when you relax, you are able to enjoy it to the fullest!

4. If your focus is on gaining something, then it becomes painful.
If your focus is on giving something, then it brings you freedom!
The action of giving not just makes you joyful, but makes you realise YOU ARE JOY!

5. In your dreams, you see without your eyes open!
So, the power to see, know and hear – is present within – that is “Isha” – God!

6. “Have you wondered how breath goes in and out on its own? What is the basis of it? What is the basis of emotions? What is the basis of the whole creation? That is Brahman.” 

7. “Brahman and Brahma are different – Brahman is the cosmic existence, the paramatma, the self, who has no form, yet is there in all forms, blemishless, like how Space cannot be polluted!!
Brahma is a personified identity with a limited purpose of creation.”

8. “The Occidental always have this query – if God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, then why is there Satan?
The Oriental had a solution to this. They had 1st level Brahman/ God and just one level below, they made angels and demons, where there are all possibilities. There are said to be 33 crores devas!”

Tomorrow Gurudev will speak on the “devas” and their different dimensions!


If you have watched this recent movie Intestellar and have not been able to understand, am sure, this talk can make you decipher much more possibilities, the full storyline of this movie just being from one line of this upanishad!

The wisdom is so scientific, so profound – I was in totally different space when I was listening – and this is a once in a lifetime chance! Presently, I do not know if they will even put it in a DVD later. If they do, I would still buy it. If they don’t, you better don’t miss it now! 🙂

This blog post is an attempt to tell you from the core of my heart that please please don’t miss that chance to listen to Ishavasya Upanishad by Sri Sri – tomorrow being the 3rd & the last day. Yesterday’s and today’s will be available recorded.

Please just go ahead, register and listen. If you have the questions of “why registration” “why so much money” – please!!!

This knowledge is worth the money you’ll earn for many many lifetimes – and they are charging you peanuts, not even your internet/ mobile bill every month and that too so that they can bring the webcast to you and make this infrastructure possible for further wisdom sharing. Please don’t miss the chance!

Go ahead and book your webcast here – artofliving.org/upanishad .

It seems the registrations close tomorrow, 19th Jan 2015. So be fast.




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A(n) (…………!) decade with The Art of Living

… Fantastic. Incredible. Irrational. Inconceivable. Implausible. Astounding. Fabulous. Awesome. Amazing. Beautiful. Happiness++ !!!  I still cant fit my journey with the Art of Living in the last 10 years with one word, or to say even one sentence. If I start, I always have more to say. This week I step into the 11th year with The Art of Living…

I have no idea how I joined the Art of Living Happiness Program when all I wanted to do in my 3rd year Engineering holidays was join a “yoga” class & there were 5 – 6 different yoga classes happening very close to my house in Chennai. It was a total ‘by chance’.

Though my then ‘best’ friend had told me to join another yoga class (that was Prasanna, my husband now – I used to take his words so seriously then – as though he was God to me; and ya, I still continue to do 😉 ) & was very sure to join it, some how this Guru of mine pulled me to Him. It was my eldest sis who convinced me & my parents; made me do this program along with her. Thank you Gurudev and my dear Baba for making this happen, I feel so safe, protected with You!10 years of learning the art to handle the mind!When I look back & see what I have learnt in these 10 years…  I have learnt the Sudarshan Kriya – that has done so much good to me & definitely to people around me, that ‘yoga’ is not just yoga asanas, many yoga asanas, the importance of breath, difference between spirituality & religion (one of my friends had asked me this question during my engineering), meditation, many types of pranayams, what’s the basis of advaita & dvaita (which was a total ‘?’ to me as to why there was a difference in first place between what 2 major Gurus in Hinduism said), ways to handle tantrums, emotions, relationships… husband, mother in law 😉 … one most important fact that I had not realised a decade back is that I am just so fortunate to have got a living Guru in my life — if this sounds hyperbolic to you, can’t really help – stop feeling so.

Life has passed by wonderfully fast in the last 10 years – taking up a job ‘far away’ from my parents just because it was a closer to my field of study than the one I got in Chennai (well, I have the record of dropping out from a very reputed college within a week of joining ‘cuz I felt home sick), meeting absolutely wonderful people who have taught me so many things just by their way of living (read Bawa, Dinesh bhaiya, Rashmin bhaiya, Rajesh anna, Kavi akka, Hema akka, to quote a few), teaching this program myself to many youth, getting the courage to do things that I wouldn’t have dared to do otherwise, feeling really proud about being an Indian, my Tambrahm Mylapore culture & traditions, moving beyond the barriers that I had for myself, talking to strangers & having a feeling they are a part of my own family, becoming a content creator(!), having the confidence that some higher power always protects me & loves me so dearly  – oh my God, the list can go on…

The Art of Living has just not taught me breathing & yoga – it has taught me a way to really live life – really. It does not mean that I don’t fight with my husband, it also does not mean I do not get angry/ upset.. I still do! But, definitely there has been a leap change – I can get back my smile much much faster without having the constipated emotional impressions. Meditation, Pranayam, Sudarshan Kriya – works!

When I did the program, I had no idea about who ‘Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’ was. The teachers had kept His picture in front of us & I hardly remember them mentioning about Him. It took me 6 months to see Him personally, 1.5 years to take Him as ‘my Guru’ – He usually tells, ‘my job is not to remove your doubts, my job is to put more doubts in you. Legendary is the faith that withstands a thousand chances of doubts.’ And that is what He put me through for 1.5 years. I am super glad & sad at the same time about taking that 1.5 years. Later, I came to know that its said … “When it is Time, Your Guru will find you…” & Wow! It feels great to be found! 🙂

Photo taken during a meeting with Gurudev in 2007

One of the first ‘close’ meetings with Gurudev in August 2007 with my Bosch friends

When I did the Sudarshan Kriya for the 1st time, I wanted everyone who I knew to experience it. Fortunately many of them have done it, some have also become teachers, volunteers; but still some have been adamant & not listened.

Whatever be it, I feel absolutely super fortunate and grateful. I only wish those ‘some’ & many many more get to experience Sudarshan Kriya at least some time in their life! 🙂

Jai Guru Deva,

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